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North Athens shop- store 1.380 sq.m for rent
10.000 € (ID 1862)
Greece, North Athens- Kifissia, shop- store 1.380 sq.m., in excellent condition, for rent. The store consists of a basement and respectively a ground floor of 520 sq.m. and a mezzanine with offices...
Property near National Road 1.170 sq.m for rent
5.000 € (ID 1386)
West Athens, near to National Road, commercial building  1.170 sq.m. for rent The space consists of a basement and a ground floor or a large area, a loft and there is possibility of additional ...
North Athens industrial warehouse 1.500 sq.m for rent
7.000 € (ID 1831)
Kifissia industrial zone, exceptional building - industrial warehouse of 1.500 sq.m. with nice offices for rent. The property consists of a ground floor of 1.100 sq.m, a storage - productive area...
East Attica logistic warehouse 2.800 sqm for rent
Contact us (ID 1000)
Koropi (Kropia)
Koropi, modern logistic warehouse of 2,800 square meters on a plot of 15,500 square meters, for rent.  The warehouse comprises two separate spaces with good dimensions of 25x49 meters with height ...
West Attica industrial warehouse 2.000 sqm for sale
1.500.000 € (ID 1663)
West Attica, Aspropyrgos, commercial warehouse 2.000 sq.m. for sale. The warehouse is arranged over ground floor, comprises an open space room of 2.000 square meters with office space about 120...
West Attica industrial warehouse 5.500 sq.m  for rent
Contact us (ID 767)
Aspropyrgos West Attica, industrial warehouse 5.500 square meters on a plot 13,500 square meters, for rent. The warehouse is arranged over ground floor and comprises 2 separate rooms of 2.900 and...
West Attica industrial building 3.400 sqm for rent
10.000 € (ID 825)
Greece, West Attica- Magoula, right on Gennimata Av., industrial space 3.400 square meters with offices, for rent.  The property comprises ground floor space of about 2.400 square meters suitable ...
West Attica industrial warehouse 2.000 sqm for rent
7.000 € (ID 1491)
Greece, West Attica, Aspropyrgos, industrial ware house 2.000 sq.m., for rent. The warehouse is arranged over ground floor, comprises an open space room of 2.000 square meters with office space...
West Attica, commercial warehouse 1.000 sq.m for rent
2.100 € (ID 1471)
West Attica, Aspropyrgos area warehouse 1.000 sq.m with a few offices for rent. The warehouse consists of an open plan ground floor with a height of 6 meters, with a series of columns. It has...
West Attica warehouse 2.200 sqm for sale
Contact us (ID 1262)
Attica - West
Greece, West Attica, Thriasio  newly constructed warehouse 2,200 square meters, for sale. The building is set on a plot of 5,600 square meters, is arranged over two floors and has been constructed ...
North Athens commercial building 900 sq.m for rent
3.800 € (ID 1724)
Athens - North
Greece, North Athens, Heraklion,  near to Attiki Odos ring road and Kifissias Avenue, independent building of 900 sq.m for rent. The building consists of a total 4 levels. The ground floor of about ...
West Athens commercial building 1.800 sq.m for sale
Contact us (ID 1730)
West Athens, Metamorfosi area, commercial property - office building and warehouse total area of 1.800 sq.m for sale. The building consists of a total of 5 levels which are connected by two...
West Athens commercial property 1.800 sqm for sale
950.000 € (ID 1537)
Greece, West Athens,Metamorphosis,leased property for sale, professional office building and 1,800 sq.m. total area warehouse, easy accessibly to the highway. This property consists totally of 5...
Viotia industrial warehouse 3.200 sq.m for rent
12.800 € (ID 418)
Greece, Viotia- Oinofyta, in the industrial park, warehouse 3,200 square meters of excellent construction, to let. The warehouse is part of large logistics complex. It consists of a ground floor...
North Athens industrial building 3.000 sqm for sale.
Contact us (ID 1298)
Greece, North Attica, Kato Kifisia, industrial building 3,000 square meters with easy access, for sale. The building has been constructed in 1970 and is set on a plot of 5,000 square meters.It is...
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