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Photovoltaic park support

Solar Park Support
Photovoltaic park support

Solar PV Park Operation & Maintenance

Solar PV park constitutes a mainstream and renewable investment of the last decades. In recent years, the current investment in renewables has often outperformed traditional energy stocks, and this is set to continue, alongside onshore wind, set to “win the cost race” and become our cheapest energy option by 2020. According to modern-day data, PV solar system has life expectancy of 20 + 7 years and it is contracted with the system administrator. However, the initial installation of the system is not sufficient to reach these goals and guarantee the productive and financial performance of Solar PV System. A series of operations and maintenance tasks are needed in order either to increase and ensure the productivity or reduce possible dysfunctions of the system. Besides, the Solar PV park is an outdoor investment, exposed throughout the various weather conditions, and it is impossible to suffer no damage or malfunction.

Solar PV Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Suggested operations and maintenance activities (O& M) for major equipment components of Solar PV park including preventive and corrective repair and replacement in a six months routine or annually. The indicative action plan of O & M practices comprises monitoring of system performance, support bases, inverters, panels, wirings, contacts, earthing, insulation, lighting etc.  O & M plan also includes measurements of electrical elements, currents, leaks, voltages etc.

Analytically, additional benefits of a maintenance contract for your investment includes:

  1. Reducing of risk investment and ensuring the system’s viability
  2. Dysfunctions and damages minimization
  3. Condition for validity of equipment warranty
  4. Written audit and maintenance report to the investor for possible compensation of bank and insurance institutions in case of insurance events (eg theft, flags weather, natural disasters)
  5. Provision of complete analysis of risk factors and quality assurance of the financial profits 


  1. Assets administration: Systematic process of planning, operating, maintaining and upgrading assets with minimal risk and providing services to the expected levels of quality over the life cycle of your assets. Dedicated design of your assets: Evaluated based on basic differentiations that minimize unnecessary operating costs while maximizing energy life.
  2. Maintenance administration: Insures the effective application, the control and validation of the maintenance activities
  3. Insurance protection: Α standard insurance contract minimizes the risk regarding severances.
  4. Supplemental value of projects: The future value of the project remains high compared to competitors in the Secondary Market.

On line PV Solar park monitoring:

The purpose of on-line monitoring of Solar PV system is the early identification of problems in the operation and performance of the equipment. It is therefore offered:

1. Special program analysis using artificial intelligence and algorithms.

2. Comparison of producers and returns of investment and string between them and other nearby parks at their base

3. Timely update in the event of loss of telemetry and performance problem and avoiding high energy loss.