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Precheck and operating licences

Precheck and operating licences

Property Pre- check & License Operation

Renting or buying a commercial property is a demanding and often difficult process for any business, while at the same time another difficult issue for a business is the process of license’s operating.

Being broadly acknowledging of the real estate and the process of renting or buying a commercial property in Greece, we provide pre-check and certification services for the new spaces of the readymade businesses and the license operation of the newcomers in order both to be able to directly, quickly and without any difficulty move to the next step.

Property pre-check

The property pre-check service requires all the necessary control actions that need to be taken in order be ensure and safe that the space which will be the “home your business” will provide a convenient basis for its development. Specifically, the pre-check service includes:

• check of the compatibility of the property specifically for the needs of your business.

• control and evaluation of the property facilities to ensure their suitability for the licensing conditions of each individual business.

• extensive control of property security benefits, thus ensuring the highest level of protection for the company and its employees

• checking the age and real estate status

• checking the date of issue of the building permit for the property

• control an exact location both to ensure the privacy of your business and to avoid possible disasters from weather.

 The real estate pre-check service is provided instantly to prevent any potential problem that could greatly damage your business and profits but also your own information to know all the information and specificity of your new "professional home”.

However, it is recommended by our team to address, in any case, a Legal Advisor-Lawyer, specializing in property law, to ensure that the rental of the property follows the legal requirements.

License Operating

We cooperate with experienced and specialized civil engineers who undertake to sign and certify that the property meets the requirements of Urban, Health, Legal and Fire Legislation.