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Our people

Our people

Our people are one of the company’s major investments, as the expansion of the business is based on them. Staying loyal in the belief that the success of a company is strongly connected with its people, we attach great importance in choosing the best associates and well known professionals, enabling them to add value and quality to the company.

In addition, creating a team spirit environment in the workplace is also one of our core principles, to also ensure optimal relations and constructive and productive collaboration among our employees.

The real estate market has been changed dramatically, especially in recent years. We place great importance to our continual training of our partners, so that they to have a high level of training and professionalism and to respond to any question arising in their daily transactions.

Consider that this may not be enough, our company co-operates with well-known professionals of the wide property market such as architects, mechanics, lawyers, notaries public etc, so that it can offer the best solutions in their clients’ needs.