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A completed and specialized array of professional properties and luxurious residences is provided by our partners to private individuals, companies, constructors and investors in a local and national basis.


If you are looking for high standard residences, either to live in or to invest, then we can help you find apartments, maisonettes, detached houses, villas and country houses. We are also enabled to help you find the suitable plot to build your dream home from the beginning.

Our inter-temporal experience and presence in real estate and the extensive database we have been maintaining for many years, offer us the potential to be fully acquainted with the domestic market. We also cooperate with experienced outside collaborators, well-known architects and engineers, through whom we draw remarkable suggestions.

Offices & Stores

Our company undertakes the purchasing and leasing of a broad range of properties including from small offices to entire buildings throughout Attica. Whether representing the proprietors or leasers of professional real estates, our partners offer insightful strategic solutions for the business objectives that our customers require. 

Our search is based on regular review of the market for new real estates, which supports a computerized database operating from 2005 to nowadays, as well as on a network of partners and real estates’ portfolio management companies.

Our company operates in all major markets, undertaking from small ‘correct’ shops and department stores to shopping malls. “Correct” means to have reasonable rentals, to be on convenient location, well-designed, with comfortable access and detached from competitors. The current services are based on special foundations, with information for the marketers of each region, taking care to guide you to the most efficient transaction.

Industrial & Logistics

We are enabled to inform you about a full array of industrial properties which are offered on the market either for purchasing or for hiring, including small storage and industrial spaces, distribution warehouses, industrial logistic buildings, as well as plots for development of all the above.

Considering the peculiarities of every type of business and be entirely acquainted with the land uses and building conditions, we can easily and quickly direct your search to the right areas without losing valuable time.

We can meet the needs of all sectors for all kinds of activity from simple to more complex, such as industries with special licenses, healthcare companies, pharmaceutical warehouses and production, typography centers, etc. 

Green Energy

In recent years, remarkable progress has been granted in Renewable Energy Sources. The geographic location of Greece provides the optimum conditions for the maximum utilization of solar energy, leading many people to the growing investment of solar stations.

Our company, following invariably the developments, offers the possibility to invest in ready-made solar parks, which are already in operation and provide guaranteed income. The purchasing of the parks includes regularly the land area where the panels are located as well.

In our website we do not advertise the total of the solar parks we comprise for confidentiality reasons that we have signed with our customers. For more information about the available proposals, call us at +30 210 83 22 007.