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Real estate brokerage

Brokerage services of high quality
Real estate brokerage

Our company’s aim is to offer brokerage services of high quality to its clients by covering every single need they may have. Our services focus on:

  • Properties promotion for sale and to let
  • Buy or rent properties
  • Negotiations of sales, buys and rental

Property promotion – Landlord representation

As a result of their knowledge and years of experience our agents are able to better understand tenants’ needs and thus can position appropriately your property in the market and sell it or rent it as quickly and effectively as possible. Our agents use many different means in order to promote your property, such as on line advertising with email marketing campaigns.

Buy or rent properties – Tenant representation

One of the most important priorities for our company is to find the appropriate property for its clients, from functional and economical perspective. Our brokerage professionals, always on the side of their clients, analyze their objectives and requirements and match them with the optimal real estate solution.

Negotiations of sales, buys and rentals

Our long presence in real estate market gave us the chance to negotiate numerous property purchases and acquire experience that few others may have. Being at the middle of the two sides we can help you complete the purchase, avoid the possible problems that may occur and offer you solutions that work in favor of both sides.