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Found 117 properties.
Plot of 150.000 sqm for sale, central Greece
location Tanagra/Oinifyta
ID: 2458
price Call us
A plot of 150.000 square meters, in an easily accessible area, in the prefecture of Viotia, Greece, and specifically in the area of Inofyta, is for sale. Specifically, it is an industrial property, which is located near the National Road. It has... more details
Industrial plot 18.000sqm, Northeast
location Attica - East
ID: 2385
price Call us
An industrial plot with a total size of 18.000 sqm, in the area of Northeast Attica, Greece, is for sale. Specifically, the plot has excellent dimensions, with a very large facade, is flat, has 60% coverage and a building factor of 0.9. It is ideal... more details
Plot of 16.000 sqm for sale, Evia
location Kymi-Aliveri/Aliveri
ID: 2383
price 1.000.000 €
A plot of 16.000 square meters in Evia, Greece, and specifically in the area of Aliveri, is available for sale. It is a central plot with a large facade, which has a ready node. It is ideal for any commercial use, such as supermarkets, trade shows... more details
Plot 580 sq.m. for sale, south Athens
location Voula
ID: 2090
price 470.000 €
A plot of 580 sq.m., in the southern suburbs, in the area of Voula, specifically in the area of Panorama, is available for sale. In particular, it is a corner plot of 580 square meters with a building factor of 0.6. The plot is in a great location... more details
West Athens plot 2.200 sqm for sale
location Peristeri
ID: 761
price 1.350.000 €
Greece, West Athens-Peristeri, industrial plot of land 2.200 square meters near National Road, for sale. The plot of land is buildable and has good dimensions with building factor of 1.6, which means it can build a property of total surface above... more details
East Attica industrial plot 14.800 sq.m for sale
location Koropi (Kropia)
ID: 2119
price 1.150.000 €
Greece, East Attica, in koropi area, in a god and easily accessible place, industrial plot of total area of 14.800 sq.m. is being offered for sale.  The plot is flat, buildable of a covered space of 5.900 sq.m. and suitable for many uses such as ... more details
Mykonos plot 11.000 sq.m for sale
location Mykonos
ID: 2006
price Call us
Greece, situated in Mykonos, in a very nice spot with easy access, at the beach of Elia and in blue zone, plot of 11.000 sq.m. for sale. This is a plot of exceptional requirements, build-able with limitless view of the Aegean Sea. It is suitable... more details
Mykonos plot 43.000 sq.m for sale
location Mykonos
ID: 2007
price Call us
Greece, at Mykonos, at Racheson, an easily accessible and great spot, in blue and green zone plot of land of total area of 43.000 sq.m. for sale. The plot is buildable and benefits of excellent requirements and very nice view. It is suitable for... more details
West Attica industrial plot 33.500 sq.m for sale
location Aspropyrgos
ID: 1583
price 2.500.000 €
Greece, west Attica, at Aspropyrgos, at a great location with good dimensions and easily accessible, industrial plot of 33.500 sq.m. for sale.  The plot has very good dimensions,with facade of 190 meters on a road paved with asphalt and 150 meters ... more details
West Attica industrial plot of 7.000 sq.m for sale
location Aspropyrgos
ID: 1824
price 800.000 €
Greece, west Attica, in Aspropirgos, in a very good location, industrial plot of 7.000 sq.m. with facade on asphalt road and building factor. The plot is of good size and facade, while it is located on a very good spot of Aspropyrgos area and is... more details
West Athens plot 1.670 sq.m for sale
location Peristeri
ID: 1792
price Call us
Greece, west suburbs of Athens - Peristeri, in a very good spot, nearby two metro stations, plot for residence construction of 1.670 sq.m. for sale.   The plot is in excellent condition with a building factor of 1.2 and a 50% coverage. It is c... more details
West Athens plot 550 sq.m for sale
location Acharnes (Menidi)
ID: 1791
price Call us
Greece, West Athens, Acharnes- Menidi, excellent and buildable plot of 550 sq.m. with large facade at asphalt paved road is available for sale. The plot has building factor 1.8 and cover factor 50%, good dimensions and great visibility on central... more details
North Greece industrial land 24.000 sq.m for sale
location Tanagra/Oinifyta
ID: 1775
price Call us
Central Greece, Inofita, Viotia, industrial plot of the total area of 24.000 sq.m., with 40% metallic construction and suitable for all use, for sale.  The plot is buildable with a building coefficient of 0.9 and a maximum coverage of 40% of the ... more details
North Greece industrial plot 130.000 sq.m for sale
location Tanagra/Sximatari
ID: 1755
price Call us
Located οn North Greece, οn Sximatari close to National road, industrial plot of 130.000 sq.m is for sale. The plot can be built with 40% coverage. The plot has good dimensions with very large facade over 300 meters on asphalt and has good access t... more details
East Attica industrial plot 5.500 sqm for sale
location Koropi (Kropia)
ID: 1303
price 850.000 €
Greece, east Attica, koropi, near to the airport of Eleftherios Benizelos, industrial plot,of total surface of 5.500 square meters,for sale.   The plot is situated on very good position, with 55 meters facade on central road and depth 106 meters a... more details
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