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Properties at the right price

We complete tens of valuations every month, giving us intimate knowledge of property prices in your area. As a result, the utilization of your property is getting possible in the minimum, without making an effort to impress you with unfulfilled promises and estimates.

Accurate valuation

Our experienced valuation team provides informed, independent advice on a whole range of property interests, from one-off valuations to valuations of entire portfolios

Professional photography

Presentation and timing are everything. Our agents are trained to take professional photographs, produce floorplans and write comprehensive property descriptions, all in just one visit. The result: your property ready to go within days.

Maximoum Expouse

We spend a lot of money every year, ensuring that our clients' properties receive maximum exposure across a variety of different media, including magazines, brochures, SMS, email campaigns and of course on line.

Award-winning website

With thousands of visitors every month, terraproperty.gr is one of the most recognizable estate agency websites in the Greek market. With innovative approach to showcasing properties, our website plays a pivotal role in the professional marketing of your property.

Online marketing

Apart from our website Terra also receives additional online exposure on the top property portals including XE Property, Spitogatos, Kathimerini and PrimeLocations.

In-depth knowledge of property market

Using our deep knowledge of the market we are in position to provide you as many information as possible in order to help you find the best property for you. We offer you detailed descriptions, floorplans and in-depth information about the property you are interested in

Required Documents for Buyers

In order for the transfer process to get complete, the buyer should adduce some required documents. The buyer of the property needs to adduce the following documents in order to acquire the property that he/she is interested in: Police Identity Card or Passport.   Proof of transfer tax payment from the corresponding Tax Service Branch.   In case of e...

Property insurance

Secure Home We offer a range of home products which aspire to cover all client demands at premium levels which strike a first class analogy between premium and perils covered. The perils offered are substantial allowing the assured to feel safe in the knowledge that the property covered is guaranteed against unforeseen risks at a very competitive price. Our...