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Buying Property in Greece

Steps how to buying property in Greece
Buying Property in Greece

Buying a property in Greece can be confusing, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.  These difficulties initially may not be noticed. If you encounter any problems, or you have any questions during the buying process, you can contact us at any time.

Here we give you some information that will be useful and will help you avoid common mistakes and omissions

Step 1. Finance

Essential for choosing the appropriate property is the determination of your purchasing ability. Being aware of your finances you will make the right decisions on the amount of money you have and if required, have a mortgage agreed in principle. Knowing the amount of money, you can invest, it is easier to move safely in search of suitable property.

Step 2. Register with Terra

Registering with Terra is the next step towards finding the property that you need. By registering with us, one of our expert agents will contact you when a suitable property meeting your requirements comes into the market. You will also be informed about a property’s availability before it has even been advertised online. There are several ways you can register with Terra Real Estate, either register online, in newsletter or by phone – simply contact and let our agents know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to find you a property that suits your needs.

Click here to register online

Step.3 Searching for a property

Terra Real Estate gives you the possibility to choose from hundreds of properties. Using our simple property search structure on our website, you can find what you looking for from your PC, tablet or smartphone.  If you find a property that match your criteria’s, you can click for more information, call us and close a viewing with our agents. Our website is updated daily, so don’t forget to check regularly for new properties.

Step 4. Finding the right property

Our experienced colleagues considering your requirements and choosing among hundreds of properties will suggest you those whose characteristics suit you the best. Moreover, we continuously inform you via email for new properties.

Step 5. Viewing the property

The visit to the property you are interested in is important because it will help you to make the right choice. Our partners who will accompany you in the visit have flexible hours, something that gives you the opportunity to visit the property non-working hours and days, if needed.

Step 6. Making an offer

If you decide that you are really interested in a property and is what you were looking for, you should announce your decision to our partner and he will announce it to the owner. Then it is very possible that you will be asked to prove your solvency.

Step 7. Finding a solicitor

Before the purchase there should be legal control of the property from a solicitor of you choose. The solicitor that represents you is preferable to know the area that the property is located and have experience in transfers.

Step 8. Completion of the transfer

In order to complete the transfer, the buyer should adduce certain documents as they are specified in the unit "Documents for Buyers'. After the signing of the contract a copy should be adduced in the Land Registry so that the new owner acquires the property transfer certificate.