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Pv park of 500kw is available for sale

Property ID
Upon Request
Property Type
Pv park
500 KW
0,066 €/KWh
On Plot
11.500 τ.μ.
Plot Status
Call us (Sold)

Park's Description

An 500 kw photovoltaic park is for sale, which has declared readiness and is in the process of connection.

The agreed value of Fit is 0.06574 € /kwh. The construction of the park has been done with single crystal bifacial frames of Jinko Solar power 455Wp each. Pre-galvanized steel bases were used to support the photovoltaic panels.

In the park were installed 3 Inverters of the company Fimer (ABB), power 175kW each, and for the connection of the PV station to the network of HEDNO, an outdoor prefabricated substation type ¨Kioski¨ 500kVA was placed for the housing of the substation.

Cables of a special type for the DC circuit were used, with the positive and negative pole contacts integrated. The conductive material of the cable is copper, of suitable cross section. They are flexible, non-flammable and have UV protection standards and operation at high temperatures.

The cables for connecting the DC / AC inverters to the main panel XT of the PV station are of NYY type (J1VV-R). MT cables are multi-stranded copper cables with XLPE insulation, and with inner and outer cover made of PVC material.

The grounding is located around the perimeter of the substation and its main part consists of St / tZn 30x3.5 mm tape. For connection to the support base, it is connected to a copper conductor via suitable connectors, whenever is required. Also, the connection with both the base and the lightning pins has been made with the respective connectors. The cables have been routed through suitable plastic pipes and wells have been installed to control their routing.

The PV station is controlled via closed circuit cameras. Inside the space there is a recorder of the cameras. There is also an alarm system installed which consists of beam detectors with laser beams.

The plot is for sale together with the company, and a future licence for another park.

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